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Vibration damping pads L-2001

Rezgéscsillapító gumilap L-2001
50 +5/-4 ShA
Rezgéscsillapító gumilap L-2001
Product description

The great advantage of industrial machines fitted with vibration damping pads L-2001 is that they absorb most of the noise and vibration generated during use. Therefore, the noise and vibration load of machines fitted with rubber soles are reduced to the environment and the life of the machine is also increased. Their primary fields of application are mechanical engineering, including air-conditioning and fan manufacturing plants.

Directions for use

Vibration damping pads L-2001 Applicable to all industrial machines, regardless of the noise and vibration they generate. It can be used primarily for machine-to-floor  construction, but can also be used to connect machine lines to reduce mutually reinforcing vibrations.