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Environmental policy

 The company is focused on an integrated workplace environment

health and safety management policy


The management of our company declares that it considers the reasonable use of environmental elements, the avoidance of unreasonable environmental stress, and the prevention of work-related injuries and health damage by maintaining safe and healthy workplaces to be a fundamental condition for long-term business development. The company's management and all its employees are committed to ensuring that its products and services

quality to constantly meet the needs of our customers,
our activities are carried out with the smallest possible environmental impact,
the activities of our employees and those under our supervisionsafe and healthy working conditions

happen between.


Guided by the above objectives, it creates, implements, maintains and continuously develops a management system that satisfies the

MSZ EN ISO 14001:2015 and MSZ ISO 45001:2018

an integrated management system that meets the requirements of the standards and meets the goals, fundamental interests and intentions of our company. 

The scope of our integrated management system is as follows:

production of technical rubber products and plastic products

Our fundamental interest is the continuous operation and development of the integrated management system,

providing quality products and services to our partners,

establishing a close relationship with both our customers and our suppliers.


In order to achieve its business goals, the company pays special attention to the occupational health and safety of our employees and those performing activities under our supervision.

We use natural resources with maximum appreciation and respect, we use effective methods for a clean environment, while creating safe and healthy working conditions

our partners, users of our products,
to the satisfaction of our employees and the population


In order to fulfill this, we undertake the following during the production of our company's products and the provision of our services:

  •   in addition to complying with the legal and other requirements of environmental protection, workplace health protection and safety, we strive to continuously improve it, prevent pollution and reduce the environmental burden
  •   we improve our work and health insurance performance, in terms of preserving the health of our employees and preventing workplace accidents and injuries
  •   we are committed to enforcing applicable legal and other requirements
  •   our integrated policy is public and accessible to anyone
  •   we introduce procedures and appropriate metrics to evaluate environmental results and measures to support occupational health and safety
  •   we introduce the whole life cycle approach in the field of planning
  •   in the course of our activities, we strive for the economical use of materials and energy carriers, to mitigate deviations occurring during work, work safety incidents, and environmental damage, and we carry out corrective and preventive activities
  •   we train and encourage our employees to do their work in accordance with the integrated policy
  •   we reduce and optimize the production of scrap and waste and introduce methods for its recycling
  •   we create and maintain a correct external and internal communication system with your colleagues, customers, authorities and other interested parties about the effects of the company's environment-oriented occupational health and safety management system
  •   we encourage and help our subcontractors and suppliers to carry out their work in accordance with our integrated policy


We are committed to the continuous improvement of our environment-focused occupational health and safety management system, to the prevention of environmental pollution, occupational accidents and health damage

The management of B & S Elastic Gumi és Műanyagipari Kft. assumes a central role in the implementation of the integrated policy and expects continuous effort and striving for excellence from all its employees.


Tiszaalpár, 2022. September 01.

Balázs Róbert


B&S Elastic Production of rubber and plastic Parts

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