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Environmental policy

The management of our company expresses its will to develop, implement, maintain and continuously develop an environmental management system that meets the requirements of

ISO 14001: 2015

standard and corresponds to the goals, general interests and intentions of our company. Our management system focused on environment management applies to the following:

manufacturing of rubber goods and plastic products 

We use natural resources while observing them to the fullest, we use efficient methods for a clean environment to make our partners, users of our products, associates and
the population satisfied.
For the purpose of implementing the policy while designing, manufacturing our products, or while providing our services, we recognize the following: 

  • in addition to complying with the legal requirements of environmental protection, we aim to constantly improve the policy, to prevent pollution and reduce environmental burdens
  • we are committed to meeting valid legal and other requirements
  • our environmental policy is public, available to everyone
  • we introduce procedures and appropriate measures for the evaluation of environmental policy results
  • we introduce aspects in the field of design that extend to the entire life cycle
  • during our activities, we strive towards economical use of materials and
energy carriers
  • we educate and motivate associates to do their business in accordance with the environmental policy
  • we reduce, optimize scrap and waste production and introduce methods for their recycling 
  • we develop and maintain an adequate external and internal communication system
  • we motivate and help our subcontractors, suppliers to do their business
in accordance with our environmental policy

We are committed to constantly improving our environmental protection system as well as preventing environmental pollution

Management B & S Elastic Gumi és Műanyagipari Kft. has a central role in the implementation of the environmental policy and expects all of its associates to make continuous efforts and strive towards excellence.


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B&S Elastic Production of rubber and plastic Parts

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