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Suction cups

Product description

Suction cups can be found in many areas of the industry, but are used in many areas of life.
There are basically two types of suction cups:
- 1.) Suction cups with closed or solid neck
A great advantage of silicone suction cups over other non-slip and fastening elements is that the suction cup provides a releasable bond between the flat surface and the device to be secured, and provides an even greater adhesive force due to the displacement of air.
-2) vacuum cups with hollow neck
These vacuum pads can be used to exert a directed adhesive force by modifying the amount of air in them. This makes it even more widely used in industrial applications. Vacuum pads connected to the pneumatic system can thus be used for material transfer and component movement, because with the controlled air volume the object can be released at the given location
Thanks to the silicone material they operate reliably over a wide temperature range, they retain their elasticity and also have a lifetime that is more than that of other vacuum pads made of other materials.
Their designs vary widely with the size of the neck, bore diameter and one or more sectional skirts to suit the application, depending on the pneumatic suction force. Their color is variable and can be customized to suit the application.

Directions for use

Suction cups are used in many industries for handling and packaging materials. Thanks to the silicone design, it is widely used in food and medical technology also.