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Rubber products

Our rubber products are mainly manufactured from EPDM, SBR, NBR, HNBR, NR, Q-SILICONE, CR, ECO and FKM materials, according to the requirements of our clients

Custom production

Our company undertakes the design and manufacture of press/moulded parts and extruded profiles based on product sample

Plastic products

In the plastics industry field, we have injection and extrusion machines suitable for processing PE, PP and TPE materials.

Lámpaburatömítés zárt cellás alakos szilikon EPDM profil
Kör keresztmetszetű zárt cellás habosított tömítő zsinór
Armatúra négyszögletes habosított tömítés szilikon EPDM
Armatúra légkamrás tömítés szilikon EPDM

Extruded and injected seals, glands, insulations of EPDM or silicone material even in the foam version

We have adequate competencies and contractors in the field of automotive industry for the production of various dust seals, guides, vibration dampers.

Rezgéscsillapító gumilap
Tömítő profil
Rezgéscsillapító gumibak
Rezgéscsillapító gumilap

We produce different regulating seals, blowers, tube seals and vibration dampers in different sizes.

For machine manufacturers, we produce seals, rubber pads and drive belts from FL, HNBR, NBR material of a quality that meets client requirements.

For the poultry industry, we produce rubber plucker fingers or bone extracting discs in various sizes and hardnesses. For feeding lines, we produce feeding head seals. Our material is adequately certified. We produce stein and barrel seals in different sizes and rubber folding belts and strips for forwarding packaging material.

We produce various wheels, service machine wheels, plates with embedded textile for distribution of materials and protection against dust.

B&S Elastic Production of rubber and plastic Parts

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