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Jet nozzle L-2021

Sugárfúvóka L-2021
55±5 ShA
Sugárfúvóka L-2021
Product description

The jet nozzle L-2021 is capable of delivering the air you wish to supply over long distances. Its great advantage is its simple installation and aesthetic appearance. If necessary, they can be incorporated into existing ventilation systems quickly afterwards. The nozzle is suitable for both cold and warm air. Does not require special maintenance, use a damp cloth to remove dust from the outside of the nozzle.

Directions for use

Use jet nozzle L-2021 in locations where the supply air needs to be supplied at a greater distance than normal. Simply drill a ø40 mm hole on the side of the spiral tube where you can directly target your desired area. Lock the nozzle after drilling the hole.