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Our mission

B & S Elastic Kft has been operating for more than 25 years with dynamic development through continuous site expansion, modernization, and infrastructure and technology development.Our 1200 m2 vulcanization factory was founded in 2011, while our new 1800 m2 extruding factory hall was constructed in mid-2015.


Within an IT project implemented in 2014, we introduced a new ERP system, which, in addition to supporting day-to-day work, also provides a decision-making support function as a basis for making medium-term decisions.Purchasing new production machines and introducing modern manufacturing technologies are essential to maintaining our competitiveness. Our modernization efforts focus on increasing productivity and reducing production losses, but we always plan our new investments in line with customer requirements and current projects.Our mid-term goals include the development of a well-equipped laboratory to enable in-house material testing.Our long-term goal is to maintain but also further increase our achievements as a car industry supplier by acquiring new projects.In the future, we want to open our door to foreign markets by finding new customers.Our goal is to provide long-term, secure job opportunities for people living in the area as the most influential enterprise in the region.

B&S Elastic Production of rubber and plastic Parts

H-6067 Tiszaalpár Kátai sor 41. (Pf.: 1)