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Sustainability Directive


B & S Elastic Kft. as a manufacturer of rubber and plastic products with increased performance, excellent quality and characteristics, continuously monitors the use of materials, energy and other resources, encourages the recycling and renewal of materials, strives to reduce the environmental impacts arising from their distribution, and in addition, introduces programs related to natural resources conservation.

Our company puts enormous emphasis on the use of environmental impact mitigation technologies, develops its processes and uses sustainability as a comprehensive aspect when performing its activities within internal and external contacts.

B & S Elastic Kft. is committed to protecting the environment, monitoring the company's impact on society or the effects of product and service management on customers and users, protecting human rights and complying with corporate social responsibility.
It strives to constantly develop knowledge related to the above, is dedicated to the continuous dialogue between society and the company.

Management and all associates of B & S Elastic Kft. are dedicated to the following:

  • to produce high quality and modern rubber products for their customers
  • to mitigate the environmental impact of their business and use the environmental management system to reduce environmental risks 
  • to support the development of their employees through doing business by providing opportunities for acquiring professional and competent knowledge
  • to provide their employees with adequate working conditions
  • to ensure that economic, social sustainability and environmental sustainability 

B & S Elastic’s associates recognize the company's sustainability policy and their activity complies with the overall effort of the company. 

The company's management reviews sustainability policy each year in order to keep it valid and suitable for its employees.

B&S Elastic Production of rubber and plastic Parts

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