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Poultry Rubber Rod E-3000

Baromfikopasztó gumiujj E-3000
60-65 ShA
Baromfikopasztó gumiujj E-3000
Product description

Can quickly and easily clean poultry from strong feathers and weak fluff using a Poultry Rubber Rod E-3000. Thanks to its exceptionally good design, it does not damage the skin of the birds. Thanks to the different sizes and hardness of the poultry rubber rod, you will find the most suitable design for your poultry.

Directions for use

Poultry rubber rod E-3000 sleeves are important accessories for Chicken Plucking Machine. This part of the chicken plucking machine removes feathers and flakes from the birds. Poultry rubber rod can be installed in small cylindrical machines with low plucking capacity or in industrial multi-beam plucking machines. Given its size and hardness, it is recommended for all birds.