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Pipe Clamp rubber lining L-2012

Csőbilincs gumibetét L-2012
65±5 Sha
Product length in the requested size
Csőbilincs gumibetét L-2012
Product description

Pipe Clamp rubber lining L-2020 for galvanized steel pipe clamps. The maximum load capacity is 500 kg. The rubber seal provides excellent damping of vibrations in exhaust and ventilation systems and pipe systems, thus reducing noise levels. We sell it in several widths, in meters per meter, which can be customized to the length of the given pipe clamp. Easy to mount on metal clamps.

Directions for use

Pipe Clamp rubber lining  L-2012 for hanging a circular duct to cover galvanized metal clamps, for fixing hoses and pipes (to metal structures, to walls) due to the rubber insert to dampen noise and vibrations.